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Joint interview with Mr. Kenan Kapo and Mr. Faton Asani

The Federal Agency for the Management of Confiscated Property marked its four year of existence on 26th of June, 2019. To mark the occasion, Kenan Kapo, Director of the Agency, and Faton Asani, director of the North Macedonian Agency for Management of Seized and Confiscated Property appeared on Channel N1 to discuss the work of the agencies, how the money is seized and what it is used for in BiH and North Macedonia, and the future plans of the agencies.

Mr. Asani stated that his Agency has many problems that have accumulated over the past 10 years, however, he expressed his content with the exchange of experience between North Macedonia and BiH in this field.

Mr. Kapo pointed out that seized assets are deposited and until a final decision is made on the confiscation of assets. This has caused the deprecation of seized assets. To address this issue, Mr. Kapo stated that they will propose amendments to the law, in line with EU models, to ensure that everyone can benefit from the seized and confiscated assets and vehicles.

Finally, Mr. Asani stated that in North Macedonia, the seized vehicles have been very beneficial for the government by saving over a million euros of the state. Over a period of two years, the Agency has reallocated about 300 seized vehicles to state institutions for their use. Last, Mr. Asani urged the Bosnian members of the parliament to support the initiative and law amendments proposed by Mr. Kapo as the money generated from the sale of seized property would be transferred to the state budget and would then be spent for beneficial projects.