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BAMIN Joint Training on the Management of Companies

On the 8th and 9th of June 2021, the Balkan Asset Management Interagency Network successfully implemented the first Joint Training for 2021 with a focus on the Management of Companies, with the support of the OSCE.

The Training was opened by Ms Denise Mazzolani, Deputy Head of the Strategic Police Matters Unit at the OSCE. Ms Mazzolani welcomed all participants in the training and highlighted “The OSCE is increasing its efforts and resource to promote the Management and Seizing of Assets from OCG promoting the Network also in other Regions…the Management of the Assets is very important; the good management have an impact both in the prevention and investigation itself”. Furthermore, Ms Mazzolani highlighted the importance of keeping the BAMIN active despite the many challenges encountered.

The 2-day training aimed at facilitating the exchange of best practices between the participating jurisdictions and enhancing cross-agency cooperation while identifying the limitations, gaps and challenges that some jurisdictions face.

The training was implemented using an interactive scenario based on a real case prepared by the Secretariat and by one of the BAMIN jurisdictions. The scenario requested the members to propose their approach in a case of fraud where proceeds of crime were laundered in their own jurisdiction, with 3 companies involved of which 1 in the jurisdiction responding to the scenario.

The training saw the attendance of 15 different Jurisdictions representing Asset Management Offices and other relevant institutions. During the training, the participants presented their approach in solving the scenario, by addressing the moment in which the Asset Management Office is involved in the case and the type of communication the AMO receives; which are the preliminary screening process that the AMO would carry out; and, considering the specific case presented, what would be the AMO approach in the management of the assets presented in the scenario.

In this manner, it has been possible to identify the existing gaps and limitations starting from the preliminary involvement in the pre-seizure plan until the actual physcal management of the assets.

The Management of Companies has raised a set of key points which will be approached in future training and will be tackled during the Annual General Meeting.