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BAMIN Steering Group Convenes in Skopje, North Macedonia

Skopje, North Macedonia – 27th February 2024

The Balkan Asset Management Interagency Network (BAMIN) is currently holding its Steering Group Meeting (SGM) in Skopje, North Macedonia. Representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Ukraine, Moldova, and North Macedonia are attending the meeting, discussing strategic developments of the network as well as planning upcoming activities.

The meeting marks a significant moment as North Macedonia prepares to take over the BAMIN presidency from Moldova at the end of April 2024. The Steering Group is debating over the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be hosted in North Macedonia in September 2024.

Given the importance of the BAMIN, the Steering Group is also discussing the expansion of BAMIN as more and more jurisdictions are currently approaching the network. These jurisdictions are ranging from the EU and Asia, strengthening its international cooperation in the management of seized and confiscated assets in line with BAMIN goals of strengthening cross border cooperation and national capacities in effectively dealing with seized and confiscated assets.

In addition to the Steering Group Meeting, a peer-review is being conducted by the BAMIN members, assessing the effectiveness of the North Macedonian Asset Management Office (AMO). Participating offices are reviewing current practices and interviewing representatives from various Macedonian agencies. The Peer Review was discussed and agreed during the 2023 AGM, where North Macedonia volunteered to be the first jurisdiction to be reviewed. BAMIN had worked on supporting AMOs in increasing their effectiveness by developing Guidelines on the Effective Mandate of an Asset Management Office, currently comprising 25 indicators to measure the effectiveness of the AMOs.

The SGM and Peer Review are organised by the BAMIN Secretariat with the invaluable support of the OSCE, the current financier of the network. Mr. Pavel Calpajiu, representing the Moldovan Presidency of BAMIN, chairs the meeting alongside Mr. Driton Nebiu, Director of the Agency for Seized and Confiscated Assets in North Macedonia, with the support of the BAMIN Secretariat, who is represented by Ms. Jill Thomas, Mrs. Maria Illetterati, and Mr. Alessandro D’Autillio.


The Balkan Asset Management Interagency Network (BAMIN) stands as an informal network committed to fostering cooperation and enhancing efficiency in the management of seized and confiscated assets across the Balkan region and internationally, currently encompassing 20 jurisdictions worldwide.

BAMIN’s core mission is to facilitate collaboration among Asset Management Office, promote cross-border cases cooperation and serve as a hub for the exchange of information, best practices and expertise.