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The BAMIN Network: a succesfull example of professional cross-border collaboration in asset management

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What is BAMIN?

What are the aims of the BAMIN?

BAMIN Membership

BAMIN Membership is available with Member, Observer or Associate status.

The Members

Member status membership is comprised of governament agencies from Western Balkan jurisdictions responsible for the management and disposal of assets seized from criminals.

The Observers

Observers status members are comprised of other states, jurisdictions and non-private bodies, concerned with the management and confiscation of the proceeds from crime.

The Associates

Associate status membership is available to public or private bodies with a complementary strategic role in the management and sale of the proceeds from crime.

Key BAMIN Strategic activities and objectives

  • Establish and maintain a network of contact points composed of actors involved in asset management;
  • Promote the exchange of information and good practices in asset management. Facilitate the effective exchange of operational information where necessary;
  • Improve members’ capacity to maintain the value of assets, sell assets and re-use assets, and apply effective processes at each step of the management phase also thought training organization;
  • Encourage members to establish mechanisms to effectively manage frozen, seized and confiscated property in order not to lose its economic value;
  • Acts as an advisory group to appropriate authorities and undertakes to make recommendations to international bodies, such as the EU, relating to all aspects of managing the proceeds of crime;

How you can benefit from BAMIN:

  • Access a pool of experts on asset management at the global level;
  • Receive support on operational cases through the exchange of information and best practices;
  • Actively engage with the network for policies and legislative matters related to Asset Management and Confiscation;
  • Contribute with expertise at European and International levels to enhance effectiveness when dealing with the management of assets;
  • Promote and advocate results, successes and other relevant materials across 23 jurisdictions

Contact Us

BAMIN practitioners can regularly connect with one another to discuss logistical aspects of cross-border management cases that arise as part of their daily operations, while adhering to international legal requirements.