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BAMIN Holds Its First Steering Group Meeting In Sarajevo

The Balkan Asset Management Interagency Network (BAMIN) held its first Steering Group Meeting on 20th and 21st of March 2018, in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The meeting was attended by the BAMIN Steering Group Representatives from Bosnia & Herzegovina, (BiH), Kosovo (KS), Macedonia (MK) and the BAMIN Secretariat. The meeting was organized as to ensure that BAMIN is progressing well and functioning according to its objectives, as well as to prepare for the BAMIN Annual General Meeting to be held in Skopje, Macedonia on the 26th and 27th of June.

Representing the Agency for Management and Sequestration of Criminal Assets (AMSCA) Kosovo, and the 2017 BAMIN Presidency, Mr Alban Sutaj formally handed the Presidency of BAMIN over to Director Faton Asani from the Macedonian Agency for Management of Seized and Confiscated Property. Mr. Sutaj proceeded to present the work done by Kosovo between 2014 and 2017 as the BAMIN President, and expressed that with Macedonia as the new President, BAMIN would continue to deliver on its aims and objectives.

Regarding BAMIN membership, it was confirmed that of the 8 regional jurisdictions invited to the BAMIN meetings to date, Albania, BiH, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro had returned “informal” registration forms to join BAMIN, with Serbia and Slovenia to be confirmed. It was also announced that Belgium would join the network as an Observer Member. In addition, Wilsons Auctions, an independent auctioning company from the United Kingdom will be joining as an associate member of the network.

Last, regarding the visibility of BAMIN, the Secretariat informed that the BAMIN website is in the workings, as well as other core communication documents, such as the BAMIN Manual and the BAMIN Leaflet. AThe Website and the documents will be presented during the BAMIN AGM 2018 in Skopje, Macedonia.