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Balkan Asset Management Interagency Network

The Balkans has placed enormous importance on the role that cross-border professional relationships play in the successful pursuit, management and confiscation of the illegal assets that are controlled by international organized crime and by corrupt public officials.

Welcome to BAMIN Network

At BAMIN Network, we stand at the forefront of a global fight against financial crime. Our network is a dynamic collaboration of multi-agency experts dedicated to one critical mission. We understand that the effective management of assets liable for confiscation is key to dismantling criminal enterprises. By pooling our resources, knowledge, and expertise, BAMIN empowers law enforcement, financial regulators, and legal professionals across borders to identify, seize, and manage assets derived from criminal activities.

The Members

Membership of the BAMIN Network is comprised of government agencies from eight Western Balkan countries responsible for the management and disposal of assets seized from criminals.

The Observers and Associates

How BAMIN Makes a Difference

We facilitate cooperation and information sharing among agencies. From enhancing international legal cooperation to ensuring the ethical management of confiscated assets, BAMIN embodies a unified and efficient response to one of the greatest challenges of our time. Discover how our collective action and shared vision are setting new standards in the fight against financial crime, safeguarding communities, and reinforcing the integrity of financial systems globally.


Contact Us

BAMIN practitioners can regularly connect with one another to deliberate on the logistical aspects of cross-border management cases that arise as part of their daily operations, while adhering to international legal mandates.