About Bamin – v2

The Bamin Network is a succesfull example of the importance that cross-border professional relationships has for countries.

Expertise. Commitment. Value.

What is BAMIN?

BAMIN is an informal network of contacts and a cooperative group in all aspects of managing the proceeds of crime

The aim of BAMIN is to increase members’ efforts, on a multi-agency basis, in depriving criminals of their illicit profits through effective management of their assets liable for confiscation.

Asset Management is highly specialist task. BAMIN aims to bring together asset management experts within its member jurisdictions to ensure effective management, in particular when cross border asset management cooperation is required.

What do BAMIN contacts do?

For operational needs, on a day to day basis, BAMIN practitioners can contact each other and discuss the practicalities of operational cases requiring cross boarder management, within the framework of international legal requirements. In addition, BAMIN contacts exchange strategic technical inofrmation and good practive in order to encance the management of criminal assets within the Balkan region. BAMIN holds an annual meetting at which barriers to and best practice in asset management are discussed in workshops. The network is supported by a regional BAMIN Secretariat thah deals with the administration of the network.

The Members

Membership of the BAMIN Network is comprised of government agencies from eight Western Balkan countries responsible for the management and disposal of assets seized from criminals.

The Observers and Associates

What are The Primary Goals of BAMIN?

  • Organize a network of contact points;
  • Focus on the proceeds of all crimes, within the scope of international obligations;
  • Establish itself as a centre of expertise on all aspects of managing the proceeds of crime;
  • Promote the exchange of information and good practice;
  • Undertake to make recommendations to bodies such as the European Commission and the Council of the European Union, relating to all aspects of managing the proceeds of crime;

The main objectives of BAMIN are to:

  • Act as an advisory group to other appropriate authorities;
  • Facilitate, where possible, training in all aspects of managing the proceeds of crime;
  • Emphasise the importance of cooperation with the private sector in achieving its aim
  • Encourage members to establisj mechanisms to effectively manage frozen property in order not to lose its economic value, for example by establishing national Asset Management Offices.

What are BAMIN’s key objectives?

Contact Us

BAMIN practitioners can regularly connect with one another to deliberate on the logistical aspects of cross-border management cases that arise as part of their daily operations, while adhering to international legal mandates.